To all Members,

Unfortunately this year we have not been able to hold an AGM, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. I am therefore keeping you up to date with events as best I can.


Financial Statement


COVID-19 Sport England & government funding secured for St Annes CC

COVID-19 Sport England & government funding secured for St Annes CC


The clubs financial statement and accounts were prepared as normal, however as you can imagine they bear no resemblance to a normal years accounts.

On the plus side the club made a profit of £2K on the year ending 30th September 2020, this was a better situation than the previous year when a loss was recorded.

We have been successful in 2 grant applications. To help us through the current situation, we received £10K from Sport England and £3K from the ECB. We also received £10K from the local council as part of the governments initiative to support the hospitality industry.

All the club staff have been furloughed under the government job retention scheme legislation and all outgoings have been reduced as far as possible.

Our major sources of revenue have been badly hit and we have lost 10s of thousands of pounds by not being able to hold functions or host caravan rallies.

During the course of the year we have had two members of staff who have been caught stealing monies from the club, one of whom was prosecuted and found guilty at Crown Court and ordered to repay the amount of money that we could prove that he stole and ordered to undertake community service. The other one repaid the monies that he had stolen. All of this takes time and effort to identify who the thief is and a situation that we can obviously do without.

If anybody would like a hard copy of the accounts please e mail me with your membership number and address and I will send a copy to you.


Catering & Bar Manager Roles


Food & catering available all year at St Annes Cricket Club


Peter Higson has terminated his role as Caterer at the club and I would like to thank him for his efforts over the last 9 years not just in the Kitchen but for all the extra work he did behind the scenes to make the club more successful and a better place to visit.

We have secured a replacement, Ian Jones, who has an excellent background having operated his own restaurants around the world for a good number of years and who was classically trained working for the Roux brothers in London.

Also our Bar Manager Elle Morton will not be continuing in that role when we reopen and we are advertising for a replacement Bar Manager.


Junior Cricket Chairman Resignation


Indoor nets junior cricket coaching at AKS Sports Hall - Neil Bradley Junior Cricket Chairman

Unfortunately, Neil Bradley has also resigned as Junior Cricket Chairman. Neil has carried out this role in an exemplary manner for a number of years and he will be very difficult to replace.

Neil is the main reason for the success of our Juniors and he is responsible for ensuring so many juniors progress to our senior teams.

Neil will be sadly missed in this role and I would like to personally thank Neil for his efforts over the years in this very time consuming and difficult role.

As yet we do not have a replacement for Neil and it is vital that someone steps forward to ensure the future of our Junior cricket section.


2021 Professional Player


St Annes CC 1st XI fielding & clubhouse

St Annes CC 1st XI fielding & clubhouse


As yet we have not engaged a professional for the 2021 season. The Cricket Committee are trying to identify suitable players and they are also looking to strengthen the team.


Clubhouse & Bar


Our bar staff look forward to welcoming you


With regards the opening of the club to Members, the current situation is that we are in Tier 3 so we cannot re open the club.

If we move to Tier 2, under current rules you can only open if you are serving alcohol with a substantial meal and when you have finished your meal you have to leave the premises. Under those circumstances it would not be profitable for us to open.

Therefore, I think it is unlikely that the club will reopen until we are in Tier 1.


Thank You

Finally, I would like to thank all the committee for their efforts during the year. All have agreed to remain in position apart from Neil.

I hope that next year we will be back to normal and that you will all support us as you have done previously to ensure that we remain one of the most revered clubs in Lancashire. Without the support from the members, the local populous and local businesses, we would not be in the position that we are.

John Cotton
Club Chairman