When visiting the club, please take notice of and respect the safety measures we have put into place to protect everyone.

The club is working to set Government and ECB guidance and we all have a role to play to ensure the safety of our players, officials, spectators, staff and members – thank you.

Prior to visiting, please familiarise yourself with current Government and ECB guidance, especially the infographic document and Return to Play guidance. It may also be useful for captains to be aware of the ECB AOC Over and Out guidance for umpires and scorers.

  • CHECK FOR COVID SYMPTOMS: Pre- screen yourself and DO NOT attend if you or anyone in your household displays symptoms or your household is currently in isolation.
  • ARRIVAL: Stagger your arrival and departure times and consider the government advice on car sharing.
  • SANITIZE YOUR HANDS prior to and after warm up, before and after play, at drinks breaks and at the end of the innings.
  • HAND SANITIZER: Please bring your own personal hand sanitizer and water bottles if required. These should be placed in a small box/container by the sight screens along with other personal items e.g. jumper and not scattered around the ground.
  • KIT: Arrive at the ground in training or match kit and change in your car as required. The changing rooms will not be open.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Please abide by Social Distancing AT ALL TIMES in and out of doors
  • CAPTAINS: Team captains from visiting sides are responsible for providing a list of the names and contact numbers for their players and officials prior to the start of a game. Track and trace details will be held for 21 days then securely destroyed.
  • HYGIENE BREAKS: There will be hygiene and drinks breaks during the game. Cleaning wipes should be placed into a separate bag prior to disposal. The fielding captain is responsible for ball hygiene. The umpires will not be able to touch the ball at all.
  • DRINKS will be available and must be collected from the designated table outside, single use cups to be disposed each time.
  • FOOD: As we are unable to provide teas please bring your own to the game.
  • TOILETS & SHOWER FACILITIES: The extension toilets and showers will be open for players and officials to use no cricket spikes in this area and please adhere to the maximum occupancy notice. Disinfectant spray will be left in the showers to wipe down after use.
  • PLAYERS’ BALCONY: The players’ balcony will be available during the game for the batting side to use. ADHERE TO SOCIAL DISTANCING and refrain from raising your voice or shouting.
  • GRANDSTAND USE FOR PLAYERS: In addition we are aiming to provide the left hand side of the stand, nearest the club house for players use e.g. for teas etc however this may not always be possible.
  • CLEANING OF EQUIPMENT: Follow the cleaning of equipment advice. Use your own equipment and do not share unless e.g. your bat or helmet breaks.
  • SCORE BOX: The score box will be marked out with a minimum of 1 metre between the seats. It is advised for scorers to wear a face covering. If it is preferred, a second area can be made available for the second scorer.
  • TOUCH POINTS: At regular intervals touch points will be disinfected.
  • VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: We are aiming to provide a volunteer match day coordinator for assistance and advice.
  • IF RAIN STOPS PLAY: In the event of any interruptions to play e.g. rain the advice is to go to your car.


When visiting away grounds, please check each club’s specific guidance on their website or social media before attending as their guidance may differ from ours, depending on the facilities and setup at their club.


Here’s to a safe and enjoyable season!