Pre-season statement from our Cricket Chairmen:

Dear Members,

The start of the 2018 season is almost here and with that we, the Cricket Chairmen, thought we would share our thoughts and expectations for the season ahead.

A Warm Welcome

Firstly, a warm welcome to all our new (and returning) players. We believe we’ve recruited well at all levels, and the players coming in will blend well with the players already here. A debt of gratitude is owed to Richard in terms of recruitment, as we know he has worked tirelessly over the winter exploring various options for us.

The Future’s Bright

Allied to the fantastic crop of youngsters at the club, we believe we believe are set up for a successful season on the field. Those youngsters will develop further in the coming weeks and months and will be pushing for first and second team places this season so competition for places will be fierce.

We believe that is a healthy position to be in and will hopefully result in some exceptional performances.

The Spirit of The Game

We want all our teams to play a competitive brand of cricket, but at the same time play fair and respect the spirit of the game. We’ve seen recently that even at the highest level of the game how tempting it can be to push against the laws of the game and bring a team into disrepute. Poor behaviour on the field won’t be tolerated at St Annes.

Growth of Women’s & Girls Cricket

The continued growth and development of our Women’s team is a priority. The foundations laid by Steve and Matt last season will hopefully be built on by Dave this year and we have committed to supporting the coaching of the ladies to make this happen. The growth in Women’s and Girls cricket continues to move at a pace and this season that can be demonstrated by the ladies having double the amount of games they had last season.

Thriving Junior Cricket At St Annes CC

Junior cricket has to be the lifeblood of the club and we continue to have a good number of home grown players representing the club in senior cricket. There is no doubt that this conveyor belt of talent will continue whilst Neil Bradley heads up the junior section, however it is key that we develop a robust plan for junior cricket going forwards. With numbers playing the game falling across the country, we need to ensure that recruitment and engagement of juniors is prioritised to protect, and enhance, what we already have.

We hope that the All Stars Cricket programme started last year will continue to be a success. Indeed, players who played cricket for the first time last year at All Stars will this year be representing the club at the appropriate age group.

Our Amazing Volunteers

Of course, we shouldn’t forget what goes on off the pitch and the hard work put in by plenty of people; be that administrative, coaching, or promoting the club.

To all those people who go that extra mile, and give their time freely (sometimes too freely!!) to make sure cricket happens at the club and that our facilities remain as some of the best in the league, then THANK YOU in advance for your efforts in the coming season. Without you there would be no cricket played.


To the players, please acknowledge that your captain’s don’t just turn up on a Saturday and play. Nathan, Nikki, Paul & Gaz also have extra responsibilities that ensure we play and administer our games within the league rules (to avoid fines!!). Please support them by doing the little things such as paying match subs on game day, paying your playing memberships on time and letting them know in advance if you are not available. We want standards both on and off the pitch to be of the highest standard; this cannot be driven solely by your captains.

And Finally…

Finally, myself and Gaz would like to wish all captains, players and officials good luck for the coming season and look forward to watching as many games as possible, taking in all teams. We also look forward to the club coming together as one team and enjoying life both on and off the pitch.



Pete Bend & Gaz Costin
St Annes CC Cricket Chairmen