Please find below a statement from our Club Chairman highlighting items raised at the members meeting that was held purely to discuss cricket:

“The meeting started with an email from Pat Evans being presented to the meeting as a starting point for discussion. Peter Bend commented that we were missing a couple of age groups at Junior level that are crucial for natural progression to the Senior teams.

Matt Charles made a comment that some weeks 3rd team players were not advised that they were playing until Friday which created problems as other plans may have been made.  However he made an excellent suggestion regarding having a squad of 12 for the 3rd team if possible and utilise a rotation system as the 12th man would score then the next week somebody else would score.

There was a feeling that more integration is needed between the juniors and seniors to make the progression from junior to senior cricket easier.

Another idea put forward was that junior practice and senior practice should be on the same nights. Comments were made about coaching and volunteers – both Richard Dearden and Neil Bradley felt they make themselves available and accept help.

Karen Gunston spoke about the frustrations of ladies cricket due to matches being cancelled etc, and also requested a dedicated night for training as on some occasions they were unable to practice properly as other activities were taking place on the ground.

As one of the points of the meeting was to attract more helpers, Matt Charles, Elliot Mc Knight and Paul Williams volunteered to run junior teams. However, it was felt that each team should have an administrator and Neil will send a list out shortly with the positions that need to be filled hopefully from volunteers within the junior section. Neil needs to cut down his workload but still feels able to run 2 teams next year.

Neil would like consideration to be given to a Sunday team to accommodate some ladies and juniors who don’t get a game on a Saturday.

Strong feelings were voiced by one vociferous member relating to the professional and a number of members thought it was time to look at an alternative professional. This was taken on board and Amar Ullah was informed today that the club will not be resigning him for 2020.

As this was an open meeting to enable members and players to air their views, the turnout from junior parents and senior players was a little disappointing.

However, on a positive note there were some good ideas put forward which hopefully we will be able to implement moving forward.

Tthe Chairman asked for support at the events that have been arranged over the coming months all of which are on the website and social media.”

John Cotton
Club Chairman